Customer Experience Map
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Customer Experience Map

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This tool allows to develop an empathic approach. It serves to understand the world from another person's point of view and to better identify opportunities to develop a solution focused on the user experience.

How do you use it?

⌛️Minimum : 40 min / Maximum : 90 min
👥6 to 8 client-users / 2 to 4 field workers


Template 📄
Download the PDF here


Two modes are possible:

  • Option 1 : Leave on the field first. Then establish the steps and the content according to what has been observed.
  • Option 2 : Start by making a map according to our knowledge. Then go on the ground to reverse, adjust or refine our assumptions.


  1. Choose, as a team, which customer experience you want to map and why.


    • Account opening
    • Purchasing process
    • Mortgage Renewal
  2. Determine the 5 to 7 steps of the customer experience journey. These steps will serve as the title of the columns at the top.

  3. Specify the types of information that you want to collect for each step proposed here (action, thoughts, emotions, touch points, opportunities and questions).

  4. Collect each type of information for each step It is possible to divide each step among the teammates.

  5. Develop questions that the project team asks. These are issues that have not been resolved. "Why are customer-customers stopping at this stage? "Why do users report a sense of being lost? "

  6. Launch some ideas to improve the user experience at each stage. The canvas should be filled after this step.


To conclude the exercise, circle 3 boxes in the table that deserve more attention, creating "hot spots". Compare your hot spots as a team to bring out findings.

What are the expected results?

Consensus on an overall vision
Consensus on an overall vision This may be the first time the team has an overview of what the different stages of the customer experience are. This allows for a broader perspective and even a consensus on what the customer-user should live.

Opportunities at every stage
The tool is also used to diagnose major issues. Are there breaks in the customer experience? Negative emotions to target? In the form of questions or ideas, the customer experience map allows you to go from analysis to the birth of opportunities. Although preliminary, there are often embryos of innovation in our questions.

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