Prioritizing Ideas
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Prioritizing Ideas

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Prioritization is a perennial challenge when building a product roadmap. How do you decide what to work on first? This simple calculation can save you tons of headache.

If you’ve put the effort into brainstorming new ideas, finding opportunities for improvement, and collecting feedback, you’ll have a solid product roadmap full of good ideas. But the order in which you tackle those ideas deserves just as much thought. You need to take the time to prioritize well.

Prioritization is a difficult problem

So why is prioritizing a product roadmap so difficult? Let me count the ways:

  • It’s satisfying to work on pet ideas you’d use yourself, instead of projects with broad reach.
  • It’s tempting to focus on clever ideas, instead of projects that directly impact your goals.
  • It’s exciting to dive into new ideas, instead of projects that you’re already confident about.
  • It’s easy to discount the additional effort that one project will require over another.

Even if you make it through this mental minefield intact, you’re left with the tough task of consistently combining and comparing these factors across all project ideas. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this in your head.
This is where a good system for prioritization comes in. Read more in this article.

The article covers RICE, which is very effective if you have a product, but what do you do if you can't use real product numbers for Reach.

You can easily remove Reach and keep only the ICE, but still calculate it the same way to prioritize your ideas!

Exercise: Matrix of ICE

Name Impact Confidence Ease Total
Visual report of customer's use of the software 6 9 9 24
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