Starting Intention
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Starting Intention

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Before starting a project of creation it is essential to engage. To find his motivation to change things. Inertia is natural and human. It is more comfortable to stay in what we already know.
Innovating is a form of journey to the unknown, which means that the adventurer in you should recognize what drives him to new horizons. This ambition is often ... contagious.

Exercise: The starting intention

I want to help ___________

so that they may ___________

by means of ___________.

Already at this pre-stage of innovation it is question of inviting a team, although it is possible to leave solo for your innovation course. You could play the role of conductor and call in specialists along the way.
On the other side of the coin, there are many benefits to inviting a team:

  1. You will multiply ideas and knowledge with teammates.
  2. You will enjoy your respective inter-personal networks.
  3. You will be able to align your interests and talents with the needs of the project
  4. You will have more fun sharing the victories together.
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